In the near future, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have a significant impact on all aspects of how we live, work and learn. It is of crucial importance that we become conscious of these developments and prepare ourselves for what is yet to come. Only then we will be more capable of letting AI work in everyone’s favor.

Compared to other countries, the Dutch industry and business community is insufficiently prepared for these developments. Particularly in the Brainport area this should be a top priority. According to HRH Prince Constantijn, we are not proactive enough thus risking our competitive edge with other countries like for example France, US and China. In general people do not demonstrate the required sense of “urgency”, regardless whether it is in education, science, business or government. ‘Disrupt or be disrupted!’ is a very appropriate term in this sense.

The future prospect has motivated some specialists (facilitated by UWI and WTC·Eindhoven) to take the initiative to create the HAiP (Holistic Artificial Intelligence Platform). In this way AI is elevated to an urgent level. Holistic because the developments have an impact on all aspects of our existence. Platform because a wide range of activities are being developed to raise people’s much-needed awareness. HAiP aims to be an international stronghold from where the dynamics create a magnetizing power for companies, entrepreneurs and researchers.

An important event will be the HAiP Conference 2020 with inspirational speakers with a global impact. In this way the HAiP Conference will have a global appeal attracting professionals from all over the world. During the conference, also the Aii (Artificial Intelligence Institute), which starts in September 2019, will be formally established. This institute, where up-to-date knowledge is gathered and shared, can serve as a ‘laboratory’ on a regional scale, but with worldwide impact.

Advantages for the business

To ensure the success of HAiP, it is imperative for the business community to participate as well. This offers the following advantages to the companies involved:

1. The Brainport region will be positioned as an AI hotspot making employers in the region more attractive for talented employees, particularly expats.

2. Gathering and sharing knowledge gives educational institutes and universities the means to offer more up-to-date
programs that are better aligned to the needs of the business community.

3. Knowledge sharing ensures that affiliated companies have a stronger competitive position because it allows them to further develop their technical expertise and innovative image.

The next step

After the introduction at the executive level of prospective organizations, the next step is to identify the needs and visions together with decision makers and AI experts from these organizations. Based on this dialogue a specific and appropriate proposition will then be formulated to attract local and global AI professionals as well as to accommodate the needs of the local business community. This proposition will be incorporated in the final program of the HAiP Conference 2020.